Live the best sensations Unique design surrounded by nature

Live the best sensations

The Carmel Taíba Exclusive Resort is born with the purpose of providing the best sensations. Come and see a stunning landscape, marked by a sunset with 50 shades of orange, frequent winds, warm water beach, fine sand and coconut trees everywhere.

Unique design surrounded by nature

With a unique design and an atmosphere rich in detail, the Carmel Taíba Exclusive Resort has a natural engineering that rises over a cliff and overlooks the sea. It is located in a fishing village in Praia da Taíba, 75km from Fortaleza, where the quiet, the warm weather and the intimate atmosphere make a simple moment into something charming.

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Uniqueness and
seafront contemplation

Come visit the Vila Nordestina Carmel

Amazing design

Signed by Marcelo Franco, João Armentano and Alex Hanazaki Amazing design

Promoting the Place and Preserving the Environment

Aware of its responsibility to the local communities and environment where it operates, the Carmel Taíba Exclusive Resort seeks, in its internal policies and operations, to promote and empower residents of São Gonçalo do Amarante, from which more than 80% of our staff comes from. We also do selective waste collection, generate renewable energy and seek measures to make our building more energy efficient.

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