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In addition to the Carmel Magna Praia Hotel, the Carmel Hotels has three more ventures in Ceará:

Carmel Charme Resort

The “barefoot luxury” translates be on Carmel Charme Resort, where exclusivity is seen in detail in a charming and refined structure. Located in welcoming fishing village in Barro Preto Beach in the city of Aquiraz, 40 minutes from Fortaleza, the resort offers experiences that sharpen every sense, making a simple moment of rest in something unique and special.Check the website for details.

Carmel Cumbuco Resort

The feeling of freedom and sophistication are presents in all environments of the Carmel Cumbuco Resort. Located approximately 30 km from Fortaleza, on the beach of Cumbuco, place globally known for favorable winds for practicing kite and windsurfing, the resort offers comfort with a lot of relaxation.Check the website for details.
Carmel Express Hotel

The Carmel Express Hotel combines comfort and quality with an excellence in hosting services. Located on Iracema beach in Fortaleza,the hotel is next to several tourist attractions of the capital: restaurants, Dragão do Mar Arts and Cultural Center, comedy house shows, English Pier, among others. Check the website for details.