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Carmel Charme

Visit Nazaré’s House

The group Carmel Hotels for the second time, converted the value of the final gifts of the budget year in donations to charities. In 2014, this action enabled the delivery of diapers and bedding for more than 300 seniors who are welcomed into the “Home Melo Towers”. This time, on 12 January this year, we conducted a visit to donate diapers, milk, bedding and personal hygiene kits to more than 40 elderly living at home “House of Nazareth.” Both institutions are Fortaleza.


Existing since 1941, run by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, this philanthropic long-stay hosts women seniors who need specialized care, attention and companionship. Some elderly have family ties and receive visits, some of them really are alone. The proposal of the House of Nazareth, as well as accommodate and protect, is to occupy the time of the “grannies” with worthwhile activities to stimulate the mind and bring greater longevity.

To persons or organizations who want to help in some way, through the donation of food, clothes, hygiene materials or undertaking any activity with the elderly, home is on Rua Padre João Piamarta, No. 465, Montese, Fortaleza-CE . Contacts: (85) 3494.6164 / 3494.0874, and