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Carmel Charme

Solidary Christmas

At Christmas, every child is looking forward to the present from Santa. The Good Old Man is, for most of them, the one able to accomplish a great dream. With this in mind, the Carmel Charme Resort performs every year the Solidarity Christmas campaign, seeking to sow joy and hope to needy children living in our region (Aquiraz-CE).

This initiative allows the guest to the “patronage” of a needy child, where it can be “adopted” to win the gift you want at the end of the year. For this, at the front desk we have a Christmas tree with some cards, bearing the name and the dream of every one of the small. The guest can choose one of these cards and be the godfather of a dream, telling the front desk which will give child.

In the last action, we collaborate with the smile of 141 children from nursery Maria Bezerra de Oliveira, in which most of them are adopted by families in the region. Delivery of gifts could only be held on March 2, but the spirit of love and solidarity resulted in the joy of the small the same way.

In 2014, the action was directed at the institution Lar Davis, where host local children living in situations of risk, giving them home with good food, education, care and protection. This organization survives only by donations and is already 14 years transforming and saving lives. Delivery of gifts was held by the visit of Santa Claus, the hotel itself, December 22, 2014. Through this initiative got a happier Christmas for 42 children!